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To All the Strangers I Miss…

15 Dec 2014 la 13:09 | 64 comentarii

My dearest,

You first made my heart tremble when you asked me to go into the cloakroom and, mysteriously, whispered in my ear "Can I have a piece of your gum?". Enchanted, I pulled half of it out of my mouth, and with my teeth clenched on the other half and with a huge smile, gave it to you. We were in kindergarten, and I thought you were the coolest guy on the planet. I was, after all, five years old! Please don't be upset that I don't remember your name, but you have taught me an important lesson: men can get whatever they want out of you with a simple smile. [ citeste mai departe ]

The Things No One Tells You About Losing a Loved One

26 Feb 2014 la 16:16 | 2 comentarii

Before 2008, death was an abstract concept for me. But that year, I lost a friend who was younger than me. And somehow my own mortality became... real. Until then, I had seen the occasional weepy movie, and I had supported some friends in times of loss. But I didn't get it. Even when my friend passed - because I didn't attend her funeral - it didn't feel real.

Then, last summer, I supported my brother through the loss of his best friend. He, with his 192 cm frame, honed by years of boxing, was broken. My heart went out to him. I did everything I could to comfort him. [ citeste mai departe ]

The Hollywood-like journalism from BBC about Romania

13 Jan 2014 la 14:48 | 24 comentarii

Dear all,

I am writing this in relation to the article which appeared on the BBC website at the following link -

I have serious concerns as to the accuracy and tone of this article, which I feel is dramatic, discriminatory, and inflammatory.

For most of my life I have lived in Romania, so I am very well aware of the Romanians-Romas feud. It has been going on for many years and will continue to for a long time, no doubt. I have sent the following complaint to BBC, but was not given an answer. [ citeste mai departe ]

Ce a uitat Vestul

06 Jan 2014 la 22:17 | 2 comentarii

Eram tanara cand a avut loc revoluția in Romania. Pentru lumea din afara, a fost, probabil, greu de ințeles cum o țara de oameni extrem de religiosi au stat sa urmareasca live la TV cum presedinte lor – fie el un om simplu, cu numele de Ceausescu, sau Satan insusi - a fost executat. A fost oribil. Si chiar mai oribil este ceea ce a dus la acea zi rece de decembrie in '89.

Privita din Romania, povestea - in tonuri de gri - a fost cu totul diferita. Va puteti imagina cum se traieste cu o jumatate de paine paine pe zi? Cu salam de soia in loc de carne? [ citeste mai departe ]

Listati-va sufletele pe bursa. Oricum le-ati scos la vanzare…

26 May 2010 la 16:09 | 142 comentarii

Nu iti dai seama cu adevarat de capacitatea pe care o ai de a iubi pe cineva pana nu te afli in punctul in care acea persoana ajunge, ca un pui de pasare, intre palmele tale. Ii simti inima batand speriata si intelegi atunci cata nevoie are de tine si cum ai face orice...  orice sa aperi acea fiinta. I-ai impinge targa atunci cand nu poate nici sa vorbeasca. Cand stii ca ii e teama. Si cand tot ce poti face este sa ii spui ca vei avea grija. Ca vei face tot ce poti. Desi, in acele momente, tot ce poti este sa speri ca este raul cel mai mic, boala cea mai putin ucigatoare. [ citeste mai departe ]

Andreea Groenendijk este jurnalistă, scriitoare, editor de carte, consultant de imagine și susținătoare a unor cauze care luptă pentru drepturile omului
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